5 Ingredients That Are Enemies of Dry Skin

Every skin type has its own problems. If oily skin becomes the reason for acne, blackheads, and breakouts on your skin than dry skin become rough and itchy. Many people think that they will never get rid of their skin problems. There are several ingredients make your skin dry, rough and dull. This article will uncover 5 ingredients that are enemies of dry skin.

Now you are wondering what these ingredients are, right? Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are five ingredients you should avoid using if you have a dry skin type.5 Ingredients That Are Enemies Of Dry Skin

5 Ingredients That Are Enemies Of Dry Skin:

1. Fragrances:

It the fact that many products contain fragrances that make them smell nice. Particularly every you try to buy the product which smells good. In reality, the fragrance products cause damage to your dry skin and make it irritated. If you continue to use them on your skin it will lead to eczema. Several products available in the market contain fragrances be careful while choosing them for use on your dry skin.5 Ingredients That Are Enemies Of Dry Skin

2. Parabens:

In many skincare products, these preservative and synthetic parabens are used widely to increase their lifespan. Preservatives help to keep out the bacteria and germs out of the products. If you daily come in contract with parabens it will make your dry skin rough more dry and irritated. It will also make your skin allergic and further, it is banned in the EU due to his harmful effects.

3. Benzoyl peroxide:

It is highly used in various skin care products as an alternative to parabens. It contains ingredients like antioxidants, solvents, and preservatives. Although it is considered good for skin, in reality, it is the worst enemy for dry skin. It is also known as benzene methanol and phenylcarbinol. Naturally, it comes from a colorless liquid with a sweet smell. It can be seen on the label of many personal, skincare and cosmetic products. When it comes to dry skin because of most preservatives it causes irritation on the skin and becomes the reason for itching. Further with its excessive use toxicity is possible which is the risk for your dry skin. You should have to be care full and aware of this ingredient when you buy a product for your dry skin.

4. Glycolic Acid:

Glycolic acid naturally comes from the sugar cane. It is mostly used as an exfoliate to reduce the blackheads and clear the clogged pores. You must have to avoid using the products having this ingredient if you have dry skin because it will make your skin several damages.

  • You may feel your skin dry, uncomfortable and tight.
  • Make your eye area wrinkled, crinkled and it looks like old skin.
  • Your skin becomes reddish, blotchy and sensitive.5 Ingredients That Are Enemies Of Dry Skin

5. Alcohol:

You can find it many skincare products, makeups, etc. Alcohol is not safe to use in any condition but when it comes to dry skin it will harm your skin making it drier itchy and radish. It will lead your skin to rosacea and eczema. Always be careful while choosing the products and cosmetics for your dry skin.

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