9 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hairs in 2020

In this polluted environment, skin and hair protection became the highest need for almost every woman. Most women are concerned about the beauty of their skin and hair as they want to look more and more beautiful. If somehow they notice their skin is damaged and hairs are falling, women immediately look for a way by which all the damage can be recovered.  I am showing 9 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hairs in 2020 in this article. First of all, there is a need to understand that there is no magic which in a night transforms you.

Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hairs

This article provides you with the 9 most important tips for lustrous hairs and radiant skin. By following these ways you can get rid of all your beauty problems without spending a penny.

9 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hairs in 2020:

Preventing dark circles

  • For preventing dark circles every morning, but the cold compressor on your eyes. You can also use the cold mask in this matter.
  • Cut a tomato in round slices and put it on your eyes several times in a week. It is also considered good for vision. For better results on skin drink the tomato juice.
  • Cut the cucumber into slices and put the slices twice in a week on your eyes. You can also chop the cucumber after applying the paste for 10 minutes on dark circles, you will get the results soon.

Get a hair color naturally

If you remain busy and do not have much time to go to parlors for hair dye then no need to worry now you can prepare it at home

  • If you want your hair red or orange, take a carrot juice and mix in it the olive oil. Apply the color mixture on your hairs and cover them for an hour. After an hour wash it with apple cider vinegar.
  • Dying your hair with Henna gives you the perfect brown color. For Henna dye

Boil gooseberry for half an hour Now take a bowl to add 2 cups of henna, 3 tablespoon coffee, and 3 cups of boiled gooseberry water, in the last add one cup of olive oil and mix the whole mixture. Leave it for half an hour and then apply to your hairs for better color. After one hour washes your hair you will get the colored, shiny and smooth hairs.9 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hairs in 2020

Cleanse your face daily

It is necessary to keep your skin clean all the time to prevent it from damaging and free of pimples. Every day before going to bed follow these steps

  • Take a good face wash which suits your skin to wash your face for 2 seconds with it and rise it with cold water.
  • After this massage, wash your skin with a good cleanser for 1 minute and wash it with cool water. After washing dry your skin gently with a towel.
  • In the end, apply the moisturizer cream or lotion on your skin.

Dry hair problem

Every other person nowadays faces the problem of dry hairs, Here’s a tip to get off the hair dryness.

  • Take a bowl to add 1 cup olive oil, 2 eggs in it and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Mix them well and massage your hair with this mixture for 15 minutes.
  • Leave it for 1 hour and wash your hairs
  • Use this method once in a week for better results

For combination skin, dull and oily

It is the most common problem for people. Here is a way that will be beneficial for you.

  • Take an ice cube of (yogurt, tomato juice, lemon juice or cucumber juice) simply massage skin with these cubes.
  • Take a lemon, cut it into half and add some sugar on both pieces, after this gently scrub it on your skin. It will remove the dead and oily skin and balance your skin tone.

Dry and tired skin

Dry skin can be turned dangerous and is most common in many people. There are many daily routine based reasons which cause your skin dry. Here are some tips for the prevention of dry skin.

  • Applying petroleum jelly on your skin will heal your dry and irritated skin. It is also known as mineral oil which gives a skin a protective layer.
  • Make a habit of wearing gloves whether it is summer or winter it will protect your hand skin from every type of damage.
  • Take a bowl to add it in a cup cold of milk, 1 tablespoon honey and a half cup of oatmeal. Mix it well and scrub the skin with it. After washing it with cold water.

Stretch marks

Many people face sketch marks for many reasons and find it hard to get rid of them. Now in the following way you can treat your stretch marks.

  • Take an Aloe Vera gel and rub the jell on the street marks.
  • Leave the gel for 20 minutes and after washing it with fresh water
  • Take a lemon, cut it into pieces and rub them on the stretch marks for 20 minutes.
  • After washing it with fresh water
  • For better results do it regularly.

Care for hairs

Like skin hairs also need care. Here are some hair beauty and health tips.

  • Everyone uses shampoo for the removal of dirt from scalp and hairs. But after shampoo, it is necessary to apply conditioner on your hair. The conditioner will add extra smoothness and shine to your hair.
  • Some brushing your hairs add some talcum powder on your brush

Sun protection is necessary

Sin protection is highly necessary. The skin of many people is sensitive to the sun, they get more sun kisses and sunburns. To protect your skin use sunscreens on a daily basis. It will stop UV rays from reaching your skin and damaging it.

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