Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe

Hi there! Today I am going to tell you about my mom’s secret recipe.

It’s a Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe which is a Pakistani & Indian food recipe.

Mutton Saagwala is cooked in many homes in Pakistan.

But, today I will give you a quick way how to cook Mutton Saagwala at home.

For this recipe, mutton meat is a very special item.

If you don’t like mutton meat you guys also use chicken and beef meat.

It all depends on your choice.

let me give you some advice, if you use mutton meat, the taste of this recipe will be very delicious.

So let’s begin the recipe.Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe

Here are some good Benefits Of Mutton

I am sharing some good and healthy benefits of eating mutton and also showing you how many vitamins and minerals are in the mutton. These healthy benefits are given below:Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe

  • It is not only a rich source of high-quantity protein, but it is also an outstanding source of vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and B12.
  • Goat meat has more iron, comparable protein, and lower levels of saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol compared to beef and chicken
  • SHOULDER. This part of the animal works hard, so the meat from a lamb’s shoulder is full of flavor
  •  If you’re trying to watch your cholesterol levels, lamb can be safe to eat in moderation. A high intake of saturated fat can raise levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol
  • It is highly rich in protein.
  • Mutton also contains very good healthy vitamins.
  • The mutton is also high in potassium.
  • Mutton also provides a high quantity of calcium.
  • It is good for diabetes patients.

How To Make Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe With Step-By-Step Instructions


  • Mutton Bone ( 750 grams )Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe
  • Spinach ( 2 medium )
  • Mustard Oil ( 3 tsp )
  • Cumin Seeds ( 1 tsp )
  • Green Cardamoms ( 3-4 )
  • Cinnamon Stick ( 2 inches )
  • Black Peppercorn ( 8-10 )
  • Cloves ( 5-6 )
  • Onion ( Large chopped 1 )
  • Garlic and Ginger paste ( 1 1/2 tsp )
  • Green Chili Paste ( 1 tsp )
  • Tomato ( 1 Large )
  • Turmeric Powder ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Coriander Powder ( 1 tsp )
  • Cumin Powder ( 1 tsp )
  • Red Chili Powder ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Salt ( To Taste )
  • Mutton Stock ( 2 1/2 cup )
  • Garam Masala Powder ( 1 tsp )
  • Butter ( 1 tsp )
  • Fresh Cream For Garnish ( 4-5 tsp )
  • Lemon ( 1/2 )
  • Ginger Stick ( For Garnish )
  • Small Onion ( 1 cut )
  • Lemon Wedges ( to serve )
  • Green Chili ( to serve )


  1. First, take mutton bone cut it into pieces, and cook. Take a non-stick deep pan and let it heat on the high flame.
  2. Add Mustard oil and Cumin seeds and let them cook. Add cinnamon sticks, green cardamoms, black peppercorns, and cloves. Let them fry nicely.
  3. Add onion and wait for it to change its color to brown. Mix well, also add green chili paste, garlic paste, and ginger paste. Add tomato and cook well.
  4. Add coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt, and cumin seeds. Mix well. Add 1/2 cup of water and mix well.
  5. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Add mutton and mix well. Add spinach puree, and mutton stock, and mix well.
  6. Cook for 9-10 minutes. Add garam masala powder, fresh cream, and butter, and mix well. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Add lemon juice and mix nicely.
  7. Turn off the flame and transfer it to a serving bowl.
  8. Garnish with ginger strips and a little fresh cream.
  9. Serve it with the quartered onion, green chili, and lemon wedges.Delicious & Tasty Mutton Saagwala Pakistani Food Recipe

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