Simple Bruschetta With Mozzarella Recipe

This Simple Bruschetta With Mozzarella Recipe is the perfect appetizer. Quick and easy to make, super fresh, and tastes fantastic. Everyone will fall in love with this combination of tomato, basil, and mozzarella. And the aromatics of this dish are incredible.

Bruschetta is one of my favorite appetizers to make at home and order at restaurants. But to be honest I think it is always better at home because I season it better.

Do you prefer to eat out or cook? A couple of years ago, I would have said eat out all the way. But now I much prefer to cook.

Simple Bruschetta With Mozzarella Recipe

Bruschetta with mozzarella is ideal for entertaining particularly in summer when tomatoes are at their best. What’s not to love – minimal cooking and preparation with maximum taste and flavor!

How To Make Simple Bruschetta With Mozzarella RecipeWith Step By Step Instructions

There is nothing quite like the classic flavor combination of sweet tomatoes with fresh basil and mozzarella.

This simple gluten-free Bruschetta with Mozzarella is a 30-minute appetizer that everyone will love and devour.


  • Sourdough Bread (8 slices)  1/2- inches slices
  • Garlic ( 2 cloves)
  • Tomatoes ( 4 )
  • Extra-virgin Olive Oil ( 3 tbsp)
  • Salt ( 1 tsp )
  • Fresh basil leaves ( as much as you like leaves)
  • Bocconcini Or Fresh Mozzarella Cheese ( 115 grams ) 4 oz

Simple Bruschetta With Mozzarella Recipe


  1. Cut the tomatoes roughly over a  bowl to catch all the juices
  2. Stir in torn olive oil, salt, and basil leaves
  3. peel the garlic and cut in half
  4. Now toast the bread then rub the warm bread with a cut garlic clove
  5. Divide the tomato mixture and as much of the juices as you like to prepare bread
  6. Tear the mozzarella cheese into some chunks and scatter over the tomato
  7. To finish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt
  8. Serve it immediately after assembly so that the bread is not soggy
  9. Delicious bruschetta with mozzarella is ready


  • Firstly choose a great sourdough loaf. Please, please, don’t use a soft, fluffy, white loaf. You need the sourdough for its density, thick crust, and of course, flavor.
  • Use a good serrated knife to cut it into thick slices and toast it a little bit longer than normal or until nicely charred.
  • To toast the bread use a griddle pan or electric toaster, or just pop it under the top element in the oven.
  • Don’t skip the step of rubbing the warm bread with a cut garlic clove.


Simple Bruschetta With Mozzarella Recipe

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