Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe

Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe

Hi, today I am very happy to share with you my favorite recipe name Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe. This recipe is famous in Pakistan and also popular in India.  In this recipe, you are going to taste a sweet and salty and very yummy taste of Chole Tikki in every bite. My mother taught me to make this recipe and today I will give it to you. So let’s get started.

For the recipe, mostly you need a maximum quantity of chickpeas. Chickpeas are the most important ingredient, especially for this recipe. Chickpeas are very healthy for you because they help to weight loss. And also good for eyesight. Cause without chickpeas you can not make this yummy Chole Tikki Chaat. You must try this super delicious, hot, and spicy Chole Aloo Tikki Chaat, which is packed with flavors from a tamari chana masala and topped with chutneys, onions, and Sev making it truly lip-smacking delicious. Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe

Benefits of Chickpeas:

Here, I am sharing some incredible and very important benefits of chickpeas. These benefits are given below:

  • Chickpeas are high in Vitamins.Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe
  •  Good for brain health.
  • Protect your healthy heart
  • Prevent cancer
  • It gives your strength bone and muscle
  • Reduce cholesterol level
  • Boost your immunity
  • Healing your skin
  • Control diabetes
  • Good in fiber and iron sources
  • Best for weight loss.
  • It also promotes weight control.
  • Chickpeas help to prevent constipation.
  • Help to control blood sugar.
  • Chickpeas also promote cardiovascular health
  • Inflammation
  • Prevents anemia
  • Fight anti-aging
  • The chickpeas are great for your eyes and jaundice
  • Regulates hormonal level in women

How To Make Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe With Step By Step Instructions:


Ingredients Of Chickpeas:

  • Chickpeas ( 2 cups ) use overnight soaked chickpeas
  • Salt ( to taste )
  • Green Chilli ( 2 chilies)
  • Black Cardamom ( 2 )
  • Black Peppercorns ( 5-6 )
  • Cloves ( 2 )
  • Water ( 4-5 cups )
  • Garlic Cloves ( 3 )
  • Ginger ( 1/2 inch sliced )

Ingredients Of Ginger-garlic Paste:Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe

  • Ginger ( 1 inch chopped )
  • Garlic ( 2-3 cloves chopped )
  • Green Chilli ( 2 chopped )
  • Salt ( To Taste )

Ingredients For Tempering:

  • Ghee ( 2-3 tsp )
  • Bay Leaf ( 2 )
  • Dry Kashmiri Chilli ( 2 )
  • Cumin Seed ( 1 tsp )
  • Fennel Seeds ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Coriander Seeds ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Prepared Garlic Ginger Paste
  • Water ( little )
  • Cooked Chickpeas
  • Red Chilli Powder ( 1 tsp )
  • Turmeric Powder ( 1 tsp )
  • Asafoetida ( a pinch )
  • Coriander Powder ( 2 tsp )
  • Water ( 2-3 cups )
  • Tamarind Pulp ( 2/3 cup )
  • Jaggery ( 1/3 cup )

Ingredients For Pattice:

  • Boiled and Fried Potato ( 4-5 large )
  • Bread ( 2 slices )
  • Cornstarch ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Salt ( to taste )
  • Ghee ( 3-4 tsp ) (for frying)

Ingredients For Green Chutney:

  • Coriander Leaves ( 1/2 cup )
  • Mint Leaves ( 1/4 cup )
  • Ginger ( 1/2 inch )
  • Garlic Clove ( 1 )
  • Salt ( to taste )
  • Green Chilli ( 1 )
  • Sugar ( 1/4 tsp )
  • Oil ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Curd ( Beaten 2 tsp )

Ingredients For Tasty Masala:

  • Cumin Seeds ( 1 tsp )
  • Fennel Seeds ( 1/2 tsp )
  • Black Peppercorns ( 10-12 )
  • Salt ( to taste )

Ingredients For Salad:

  • Onion ( 2 medium chopped )
  • Tomato ( 1 medium )
  • Green Chilli ( 1 )
  • Coriander Sprig (For Garnish)
  • Pomegranate pearl (For Garnish)Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe


 Process For Cooking Chickpeas:

  1. Take a pressure cooker, add salt, add soaked chickpeas, add green chilies, add black cardamom, add black peppercorns, add water, add cloves, add garlic cloves, add ginger.
  2. Cover the lid of the pressure cooker and cook for till 3 whistles. Once it’s done, release the pressure cooker and strain the chickpeas.

Process Ginger Garlic Paste:

  1. Take a bowl, add garlic, add ginger, add chili, add salt to taste, and mix it well.

Process Tempering:

  1. Take a handi, add the ghee, when it’s completely hot, add bay leaf, add red chili, add cumin seeds, add coriander seeds, and mix well.
  2. Add prepared garlic ginger paste and mix nicely. Now add water and mix calmly.
  3. Also, add cooked chickpeas and mix well. Also add red chili powder, turmeric powder, add asafoetida add coriander powder, and mix well.
  4. Add tamarind pulp and water, add jaggery, and mix well. Cook for 5-10 minutes on medium flame.
  5. Take a serving plate and place the prepared Pattice and prepared chickpeas.
  6. Add some green chutney, add a few tbsps of prepared masala on the top of the dish, add green chili, add some chopped tomato, chopped onion, and garnish with pomegranate pearls, coriander sprig. Serve.

Process Pattice In a Bowl:

  1. Add boiled and fried potato, add bread slice, add cornstarch, add salt to taste, and mix well.
  2. Take the potato mixture and make equal Tikki. Each Tikki and make them in shape.
  3. Take a pan and heat the ghee on the high flame, once it’s hot fry each Tikki till it changes its color to a golden brown. Take a plate and put all of the Tikki.

Process Green Chutney:

  1. Take a bowl, add mint leaves, add coriander leaves, add garlic, add ginger, add salt to taste, add green chili, add sugar, and add some oil. And mix it well.
  2. Transfer this paste into a grinder jar and grind till into a smooth paste. Take a bowl, add that paste, also add curd and mix nicely. Transfer the mixture to a plate.

Process For Masala:

  1. Take a non-stick pan, add fennel seeds, cumin seeds, add salt to taste, and add black peppercorns. Make a dry roast on medium flame.
  2. Cook till the spices turn aromatic. Take a grinder jar and transfer the masala and grind it into a good powder.

Ingredients For Assembling Plate:

  • Prepared Chhole
  • Green Chutney
  • Prepared Masala
  • Prepared Pattice

Serve and enjoy.Yummy Chole Tikki Chaat Pakistani Food Recipe


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