Lemon Juice to ACV 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time

There are many raw materials in the world that are harmful if they come out of the bottle that is not safe for even burns or even for daily use. The Internet will provide you with a wide range of ideas which helps you to fight with the pimple and minimize your skin pores. I am sharing Lemon Juice To ACV: 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time with you. This is also the fact that people will find many beauty bloggers and articles which help and guide you by providing a wide range of devices.

There are many people in the world who like to buy these ingredients from stores and cosmetic shops. You should have to keep in mind that there is a need for attention and concentration when you buy a product for skin and apply it to your skin. Further, it is necessary for you to think many times about DIY methods and products.

This article will help you by providing ingredients that would be harmful when used.

Lemon Juice To ACV: 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time:

1. Cinnamon:

When you use cinnamon as your DIY ingredient it will surely do some damage to your skin. After its usage, you may feel a sensation of skin tightening and as well as reddish. although it also has some benefits like it is very effective in healing wounds but if you want to add it in your DIY mask first have a patch test it on your elbow.Lemon Juice To ACV: 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time

2. Coconut:

Coconut oil is one of the biggest problems for sensitive and prone skin. On the one side, it has a tendency to clear the skin pores but on the other side, it will be the cause of blackheads and development of acne on the skin. Coconut oil does not completely penetrate the skin and just sits on the top. Further, it blocks the normal flow of skin sebum which becomes a great reason for pimples black and whiteheads. We suggest you avoid using coconut oil in your DIY ingredients.

3. Baking  Soda:

This is one of the worst ingredients people love to add in their DIY recipes. Baking soda is a highly alkaline product and plays an important role in unbalancing the pH level of your skin. If you continue to use baking soda as your skincare product it will disturb the natural oil production of your skin. We will suggest you not to use baking soda as your DIY in the ingredient if you do not want to face its false consequences.Lemon Juice To ACV: 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time

4. Lemon Juice:

Everyone is aware that lemon juice is rich in vitamins C which is considered the most powerful antioxidant but it is extremely acidic. People apply it to their faces in several ways to make their skin glow. If you try to apply it directly on your face it will lead to serious irritation to skin. Skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. Lemon juice on your face as a DIY ingredient will higher the risk of sunburn. It is our good suggestion for you that not to add lemon juice in your DIY ingredients

5. Toothpaste:

There are many people in the world who probably apply toothpaste to the pimples and on blackheads for getting rid of them. Many kinds of toothpaste contain a huge amount of irritating substances like alcohol etc. This is the reason it will make your skin irritate and also burn it chemically. As you see it will be harmful to your skin if you continue to use it in your DIY ingredients you will have to face serious consequences. If you do not want your face skin damaged and also want to be beautiful without skin problems so we suggest you avoid using toothpaste in your DIY ingredients.Lemon Juice To ACV: 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time

6. Apple cider vinegar (ACV):

Apple cider vinegar although used in many cooking recipes and considered highly beneficial for health but it has many side effects on your skin. It may lead to u2 face chemical burns which will make your face not good. Other serious consequences include that it lowers the pH balance of your skin. When you have a chemical burned skin you may feel irritation and redness on your skin and may also some pain. If you want to look beautiful and pretty you have to avoid using apple cider vinegar as your DIY ingredient.

7. Egg Whites:

It is one of the best things people love to eat as an omelet in their breakfast. You also have many times heard that putting a white egg on your face will make your skin tight, smooth and soft. But the fact is if you use white egg as a DIY  ingredient you are making a big mistake because it will make you feel some allergic side effects like feel rashes, swelling of the skin, diarrhea coughing vomiting, etc. No one in the world wants their skin to look worse and worse due to some allergic reactions. We suggest You to stop using egg white as your DIY ingredient.Lemon Juice To ACV: 7 DIY Ingredients That Harm Your Skin Over Time

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