The Best Oil for Hair Fall Control in Pakistan

Hello everyone! Today’s I am talking about your and every one hair fall problem. It is a common problem to face everyone. You can use many different shampoos and different types of oil to control your hair fall. Men and women both are facing this hair fall. You can also be using different DIY with your hairs but the result is zero. Today’s I am introduces The Best Oil For Hair Fall Control In Pakistan for you. This is the good and the best oil for your hair. It helps to control your hair fall and also to make your hair thick. This oil make your hair shinning and also helps to grow fast. It prevents dandruff and also protects to frizz hair. I am showing how to make this oil at home and how to use it? It is not expensive, you can easily buy it. I also mention the price of these oils.

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How to make The Best Oil For Hair Fall Control In Pakistan step by step at home:

Guys! here, I am showing how to make this oil at home. I am using five oils in it. You can easily buy it because it is not expensive. These oils are affordable for you. I am also making this oil and also apply to my hair. You can see the result for just seven days only.

These oils are given below:

  • Parachute Oil         175 ml        (Rs: 200)
  • Almond Oil             175ml         (Rs: 300)
  • Olive Oil                   175ml        (Rs: 250)
  • Sesame Oil               100ml       (Rs: 170)
  • Poppy Seed Oil        100ml       (Rs: 150)
  • Mix these oil in a bottle
  • Apply daily in your hair scalp
  • Leave it for 2 to 3 hours
  • Wash off your shampoo or take a bath

Make this oil and use your hair scalp every day. This is my mom’s remedy for hair fall control. Try it and do let me know how it result in the comment below.

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