Laser Epilation of the Face – is it Safe?

Laser Epilation hair removal on the face allows you to solve the problem of excessive vegetation in the most inappropriate.

Are there any contraindications for the procedure and how to properly prepare for it, read below.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal on the face

Laser Epilation hair removal is a medical procedure, and one should not ignore the number of limitations and contraindications associated with it.

  • pregnancy;
  • skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis);
  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • increased skin sensitivity;
  • taking certain medications (antibiotics).

Preparing for laser hair removal

Ideally, 2-3 months before the start of the course of laser procedures, stop plucking hair and other effects on hair follicles.

 So you will soon achieve the desired effect from the subsequent laser hair removal.

Avoid visiting the solarium for 2-3 weeks and go outside only after applying sunscreen because laser hair removal is not performed on sunburned skin.

In addition, it will save you from the appearance of pigmentation after the session.

The length of the removed hair should not exceed 2 mm, otherwise, it is fraught with micro burns. Therefore, if the hair in the area to be removed is longer, it must be carefully trimmed or shaved in advance.

A few days before the procedure, stop using tonics and lotions containing alcohol. On the day of epilation, do not apply any cosmetics to your face.

To minimize possible pain, it is recommended to carry out the procedure a week before or after menstruation.

How many laser hair removal treatments do you need?

It depends on how long the full cycle of hair follicle replacement takes in your case – from 8 months to 2 years. Therefore, you will need several sessions, usually at least 5.

However, you will see the effect after the first procedure: after about 2 weeks, hair will begin to fall out. The structure of the growing hair will change – it will become thinner and lighter.

 After 3 sessions, the amount of hair will be reduced by almost half.

What to do after laser hair removal on the face

The first time (about a week) should be abandoned hot baths, saunas, baths, pools, and open water.

 A visit to the solarium is also excluded. Apply SPF to your face before going outside.

In the first few days after the procedure, use cosmetics with caution. So, alcohol lotions, peels, and scrubs fall under the ban. 

Decorative cosmetics can be used the very next day.

Apply a soothing cream, preferably with panthenol, to the laser-treated areas.

Laser hair removal on the face

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