Traditional Gajar Ka Halwa Pakistani Food Recipe (Winter Recipe)

Hello! Today I am going to make a very delicious and tasty Traditional Gajar Ka Halwa Pakistani Food Recipe. It is a winter recipe because carrot is a seasonal vegetable. A popular traditional South Asian dessert made from carrots and milk, mostly consumed during winters.

Gajar ka halwa or Carrot pudding is a traditional South Asian dessert that is made with carrots, milk, fats, and sugar. It’s one of those dishes you find every other Indian/Pakistani making during winters because you get those beautifully reddish, sweet, and juicy carrots, which are this season’s hallmark.

The other magic ingredient in this halwa is called the Khoya or Khoa. Khoa has evaporated milk solids created by heating the milk in an open saucepan. It is used in various Indian/Pakistani desserts. It adds texture and flavor to the halwa.

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